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Consultation Fees

This fee varies depending on whether it is the first appointment or a review or follow-up appointment. Initial consultations are usually of longer duration, and therefore the fee is higher. Subsequent consultations are generally shorter and have a lower fee. This is payable on the day of the appointment. There are no fees for post-operative visits within the first 6 weeks of surgery, after which time the cost of each visit is billed.

Workers compensation and MVIT consultation fees will be sent direct to the insurer. However, if the claim number is not provided you will be responsible for settling the account on the day unless an alternative arrangement has been arranged with the insurer

Costs of Surgery

Surgeon's Fees

For some procedures Dr Roche participates in "Known Gap"  billing with all major insurance providers (provided your health fund covers the procedure) meaning that, for the surgery, there will be a pre-determined fixed extra cost charged to the patient for the surgery  above that which is covered by the health funds - typically up to $500. However for major surgery such as joint replacement, the health funds' fee schedule is not set at a viable level to allow high-quality care. Therefore for these procedures there will be a gap not covered by Medicare or your health fund. A full breakdown of costs and rebates will be provided as part of your financial consent before any procedure is undertaken.

Anaesthetist's Fees

There may be a small gap with the anaesthetist. This is usually determined by the duration of the surgery.

Assistant Fees

Most surgery requires an assistant to perform.  The assistant will usually be in contact prior to the procedure to discuss their fees. Their details will provided at the time of booking surgery.

Radiology Services

X-rays performed by CQ Radiology at Hillcrest Hospital will usually be bulk billed. If you require after-hours an x-ray (this includes image intensifier while you are in theatre and after 5.00pm weekdays and all day on weekends) you will be charged an extra $150 fee.


Inpatient physiotherapy following most orthopaedic surgery is vital for the best outcome and you will be seen by a physiotherapist from CQ Physiotherapy. Some procedures also benefit form physiotherapy before surgery.   The charges for this service are set by the physiotherapy company and vary depending on the individual needs. The amount of rebate from the health fund will depend on your fund and cover. Please discuss this with the physiotherapist for further details.

Hospital Fees

Fees for the use of theatre, implants and inpatient stays are charged by the hospital.  These fees are covered by your health fund provider. The hospital will inform you if there is likely to be any excess.

Medical reports and insurance forms

Medical reports and insurance forms are charged at a rate representing the time taken to complete the forms.

Payment methods

Full payment at the appointment time is required. Cash, Visa or Mastercard are acceptable means of payment. For bank and personal cheque please make prior arrangements with the reception.

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